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my favorite type of photography is flower portraiture: capturing what makes a flower unique and beautiful, what its surroundings are like, how it fits into the larger world around it, how the elements & weather have affected it and are affecting it that day.  When I press the shutter, it's about the connection between flower, camera & me. 

a growing love of mine is photographing seascapes: I love the play of light, shadow and reflections on the water and wet sand.


throughout it all, I like to capture moments where I see beauty - to connect with nature in the wild or where it intersects with urban landscape and find what is unique about that very moment and freeze that moment in time 

web design

I have an aptitude for page layout, design and organizing information. I worked for many years as a librarian using the Internet to find information.  My knowledge of how people search for information gives me insight into creating a website with the user in mind. 

you know
the   flower
breathing too"
~ Annabelle Laity

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